Sleepy paws

Magical Treats Sleepy Paws.

This perfect combo can help ease your dog’s anxiety.

Chamomile benefits for dogs:

      • Chamomile has anti-inflammatory properties

          and it's considered a soothing herb.

      • Relieve Itchiness or Skin Inflammation.

       • Ease Gastrointestinal Issues.

Lavender oil benefits for dogs:

       • It’s a bug repellent.  

       • Can help ease itchy skin.

       • Can relieve pain in the joints.

       • Can relieve pain cause by burns.

       • Lavender has soothing effects that can calm 

          anxiety, reduce stress, motion sickness &

       • By reducing stress you can help your dog

          condition to a new place with a few drops. 

       • Deodorize and refresh your dog’s coat with