We are a home based bakery for pets. My inspiration for this bakery for pets, comes from my life companion, CiaCia. She’s was a beautiful rescue dog that has was with me since she was only 6 days old. Around the time she turned 9 she developed a Liver Disease and her doctor had recommended home cooked meals. 

After researching the most beneficial ingredients that can help improve her liver function, I started cooking for her. Today, after proper medical care and the help of my homemade food, her disease is very much more controlled! She’s a happy, healthy and energetic dog! 

 I realized then, my beautiful CiaCia has a special magic within her. She has overcome the loss of her biological mother, just 2 days after being born and a disease that changed her life. So I said: “Why not share the magic and love?”.


As a mother of a dog with Liver Disease, the most challenging part for me, was trying to find a brand of dog food that not only would be nutritional but can also improve her disease. Many years ago, there weren't many options.

For all dog moms and dog dads: I’m happy to share my journey and my handmade treats.

-- Caridad Del Valle, Owner & Baker